Disposable Surgical Mask

Short Description:

1. Three-layer protective mask, breathable, comfortable and disposable

2. Filter dust and pollutants in the air, high-quality dust mask

3. Built-in nose band, pressed into shape to reduce leakage rate

4. Highly elastic, easy-to-open/close ear-hook mask, no pressure on both ears

5. Mask design, easy to carry and store

6. Comfortable and breathable earband mask

7. One-time

8. Meet the standard EN149 and FDA masks

9. CE certification, FDA certification mask

Product Detail

Product Tags

FDA, CE Approved

Disposable mask

Model No: JBHF001
Disposable medical mask
3 ply Disposable medical mask
The masks are used to provide barrier protection in a non-surgical healthcare environment
With ear-loop
Structure and Material: PP Non-woven fabric (inner and outer layers) with filter fabric (middle layer) heat-formed

Check the package completeness before using it. Check the label, manufacturing date and validity time, to make sure the product is an invalid date.
Do not use it if the package damaged.
Do not reuse it. Reusing may cause cross-contamination.

Fitting Instructions:
1. Open the mask and pull the inner side to cover the nose and chin.
2. The drawstring is hung on the ear
3. Fully check for air leaks, arrange the mask and stick it on the face
4. Gently press the nose strip with your hands to make the shape of the nose strip and the nose match to ensure the tightness of the nose

DO NOT use the mask for child
DO NOT use mask in and surgical environments
DO NOT use in an environment with oxygen concentration below 19.5%
DO NOT use the mask in toxic gas environment

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