Foldable portable Patient transfer Lift hoist for handicapped

Short Description:

Aluminum main frame

  • 24V Actuator with rechargeable battery
  • PE double handrail, can push forward and backward.
  • Two double hangers to provide more safety and convenience for patient
  • Provide the emergencty stop button when emergency situation
  •  Lift height: 710-1980mm
  • Base Width: 735-960mm
  •  Total Size: 1510*735*1460mm
  • Weight  Capacity: 320KG

Product Detail

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Overall Size 1510*735*1460 mm Duty Cycle 10%, max 2min. / 18min.
Height 710mm-1980 mm Front Wheel 5'' dual
Base Seat 735-960 mm Rear Wheel 4'' dual with brake
Capacity 705 lbs Power Rate 24V/MAX9.5AMP
Max Load PUSH 12000N Type Bathroom Safety Equipments
Features of Patient Lift

Thickened profiled steel

The main frame is made of thick special-shaped steel, and the surface is painted and Cured.Thickened profiled steel

One-button electric moving

With one-touch hand controller, it is more convenient and quick to control the electric lift machine, which can be easily completed by a single person.

Features of Patient Lift
Features of Patient Lift

Safe and Stable

The rear wheel is equipped with a brake brake device to prevent the lift from moving when the patient is lifted, and to ensure the safety of the family.

It is labor-saving and convenient for patients to move. The base can be adjusted without installation width and is suitable for a variety of environmental occasions. The high-strength national standard material can bear a weight of 300 kg. The silent universal wheel with brake is safe and reliable.
product manual:
01) Persons whose weight exceeds the maximum load of the machine are prohibited from using this product.
02) When using this product to move, please walk slowly, pay attention to the changes in the posture of the user, and beware of collisions.
03) According to the doctor's advice, the body cannot be bent at will, and the moving body will cause greater harm to the human body.
04) Do not use or operate this product on uneven ground, or in an environment where the temperature and humidity exceed normal levels.

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