Medical Disposable Face Mask

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1. FDA, CE Approved


2.Disposable mask is composed of outer non-woven fabric, middle melt blown fabric and inner non-woven fabric material, plastic nose clip and mask belt


3. Wear our anti allergy dust mask at work or when going out to maintain health and safety


4. Help you breathe more easily by protecting your respiratory tract from pollutants and allergens, and keep it sterile as much as possible


5. After wearing the mask, it should be able to cover the mouth, nose and chin of the wearer


6. Comfortable elastic ear hook, especially soft ear hook to eliminate the pressure of the ear and give you a more comfortable wearing experience

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Mask filter material
The structure of the gauze mask has poor adhesion to the human face. Many small particles that are extremely harmful to us will enter the respiratory tract to the lungs through the gap between the mask and the face. The filter material is generally some mechanical fabric. The only way to achieve high dust blocking efficiency is to increase the thickness, and the negative effect of increasing the thickness is to make the user feel that the breathing resistance is great and uncomfortable. The electrostatically treated non-woven fabric can not only block large dust particles, but also the electrostatic charge attached to its surface can absorb fine dust through electrostatic attraction, achieving high dust blocking efficiency. The thickness of the filter material is very thin, which greatly reduces the user's breathing resistance and feels comfortable, thus achieving the three necessary conditions for a good filter material we mentioned earlier. With a good filter material and a scientifically designed mask structure, an efficient and high-quality mask is formed.

The anti-side leakage design of the mask is to prevent air from passing through the gap between the mask and the human face without being sucked through the filter. Air is like water flow, where the resistance is small, it flows first. When the shape of the mask is not close to the human face, the dangerous objects in the air will leak in from the tightness and enter the human respiratory tract. So, even if you choose a mask with the best filter material. Nor can it protect your health. Many foreign regulations and standards stipulate that workers should regularly test the tightness of masks. The purpose is to ensure that workers choose masks of the right size and wear masks in the correct steps.

Disposable mask

Comfortable to wear
In this way, workers will be willing to insist on wearing them in the workplace and improve their work efficiency. The maintenance-free masks in foreign countries do not need to be cleaned or replaced. When the dust barrier is saturated or the mask is damaged, it will be discarded. This not only ensures the hygiene of the mask, but also saves the workers the time and energy to maintain the mask. Moreover, many masks adopt arched shapes, which can not only ensure a good fit with the face shape, but also retain a certain amount of space in the mouth and nose, which is comfortable to wear.

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