• Medical Disposable Face Mask

    Medical Disposable Face Mask

    1. FDA, CE Approved


    2.Disposable mask is composed of outer non-woven fabric, middle melt blown fabric and inner non-woven fabric material, plastic nose clip and mask belt


    3. Wear our anti allergy dust mask at work or when going out to maintain health and safety


    4. Help you breathe more easily by protecting your respiratory tract from pollutants and allergens, and keep it sterile as much as possible


    5. After wearing the mask, it should be able to cover the mouth, nose and chin of the wearer


    6. Comfortable elastic ear hook, especially soft ear hook to eliminate the pressure of the ear and give you a more comfortable wearing experience

  • Disposable Surgical Mask

    Disposable Surgical Mask

    1. Three-layer protective mask, breathable, comfortable and disposable

    2. Filter dust and pollutants in the air, high-quality dust mask

    3. Built-in nose band, pressed into shape to reduce leakage rate

    4. Highly elastic, easy-to-open/close ear-hook mask, no pressure on both ears

    5. Mask design, easy to carry and store

    6. Comfortable and breathable earband mask

    7. One-time

    8. Meet the standard EN149 and FDA masks

    9. CE certification, FDA certification mask

  • Disposable Face Mask

    Disposable Face Mask

    1. 3-layer protection, non-woven material

    2. prevent the spread of dandruff and respiratory tract microorganisms to open surgical wounds, and to prevent the spread of surgical patients’ body fluids to medical staff

    3. Built-in nose bridge strip, press molding to reduce leakage rate

    4. High-elastic, easy on/off ear loop mask and pressure-free for both ears

    5. Face shield design, Easy to carry and store

    6. Comfortable and breathable earband mask

    7. Disposable

    8. Meet the standard EN146

    9.With CE approved, FDA approved mask