Types of hospital beds

The hospital bed generally refers to the nursing bed, which is designed according to the patient's treatment needs and bed-ridden living habits, and is designed with family members to accompany it. It has multiple nursing functions and operation buttons. It uses an insulated and safe bed, such as weight monitoring, eating on the back, and smart Turning over, preventing bedsores, negative pressure connection, bed-wetting alarm monitoring, mobile transportation, rest, rehabilitation (passive movement, standing), medication infusion and other functions. The rehabilitation bed can be used alone or in conjunction with treatment or rehabilitation equipment. Turnover nursing beds are generally no more than 90cm wide and are single-layer single beds. It is convenient for medical observation, inspection and operation of family members. It can also be used for healthy people, severely disabled, elderly, urinary incontinence, brain injury patients in stable or convalescent treatment at home, mainly for practicality. The standard equipment of the power bed includes the head of the bed, the multi-function bed frame, the foot of the bed, the leg, the bed mattress, the controller, the electric push rod, the 2 left and right folding guards, and the 4 insulated silent casters. Integrated dining table, 1 anti-decubitus air pump tray, under-bed shelf, 2 negative pressure-connected bed-wetting monitoring alarms, 1 set of weight monitoring sensor, linear sliding table and other components. There are ordinary beds, rehabilitation beds, and intelligent turn-over beds. Hospital beds can also be called hospital beds, medical beds, rehabilitation nursing beds, etc. They are beds used by patients during treatment, rehabilitation, and recuperation. They are mainly used in major hospitals, township health centers, community health service centers, rehabilitation institutions, and home care. Ward etc.

Hospital Bed Show off

According to the material, it can be divided into ABS beds, all stainless steel beds, semi-stainless steel beds, all steel spray beds, etc.

According to the purpose, it can be divided into medical beds and household beds.
According to the function, it can be divided into electric hospital beds and manual hospital beds. Electric hospital beds can be divided into five-function electric hospital beds and three-function electric hospital beds. Manual hospital beds can be divided into double-rocker hospital beds, single-rocker hospital beds, and flatbed hospital beds.
Multifunctional electric hospital bed
Function description
The bed is formed by welding aluminum material, the bed surface is a net structure, and the bed surface is breathable. The whole surface of the bed is treated by electrostatic spraying.
The guardrail is made of aerospace aluminum profiles and can be folded.
The four wheels adopt 125mm medical luxury silent and self-locking casters, which are stable and reliable.
The dining table is a 30cm wide retractable plastic dining table, which is strong and durable.
Folding angle of the back: 0-75°, folding angle of the leg: 0-90°
Dimensions: 2000×900×500mm (length×width×height of bed surface)
Toilet shape size: 225×190mm
1. Back function
The back-up angle is 0-75°, which realizes the slow rise of the back, gentle shaking without resistance.
2. Wheelchair function
The patient can sit up at any angle of 0-90°. After sitting up, you can dine with the table or read and study. The multifunctional dining table is detachable and can be put into the bottom of the bed when not in use. Let the patient sit up frequently to prevent tissue shrinkage and reduce edema. Contribute to the recovery of mobility. After the patient sits up, he can remove the foot of the bed and get out of the bed.
3. Anti-sliding function
The buttocks are raised when sitting up, which can effectively prevent the patient from sliding down when passively sitting up.
4. Sit and urine function
Shake the potty handle to switch the potty and the potty baffle. After the potty is in place, it automatically rises so that the potty is close to the surface of the bed to prevent excrement from leaking out of the bed. It is very comfortable for the defended person to sit upright and lie down to defecate. The toilet-type home care bed is an excellent solution to the problem of long-term bedridden patients. When the patient needs to urinate, shake the toilet handle in a clockwise direction to bring the potty under the user’s buttocks, and use the adjustment of the back, feet and legs. Function, the patient can urinate and defecate in the most natural sitting position. After urination and defecation, shake the toilet handle counterclockwise to move the toilet bowl to the bed. Whether it is lying down or going to the toilet, the patient will not have any uncomfortable feeling, and the nursing staff only need to clean the potty when they are free.
Multifunctional manual hospital bed
Taking ABS beds as an example, the multifunctional manual beds are divided into double-rocker beds, single-rocker beds, and flat beds.
The product function of the manual hospital bed is similar to that of the electric hospital bed, but the patient cannot operate it personally and requires the assistance of an accompanying person. Because the price is lower than that of electric hospital beds, it is especially suitable for patients who are in bed for a short period of time. At the same time, it reduces the burden and pressure of the accompanying staff.
Stainless steel bedside double rocker hospital bed
Dimensions: 2000x900x500
The stainless steel bed head, steel sprayed bed frame and surface bed are reasonable in structure and durable. It can realize the two functions of backrest and leg bending. It is suitable for elderly patients who cannot get out of bed or inconvenience to get out of bed. It provides them with special care services necessary for recuperation, treatment, travel and daily life, improves the level of care, and improves the quality of life of patients, especially suitable Family, community medical care institutions, nursing homes, geriatric hospitals

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