2021 New Carbon Fiber Series Products

  Wheelchairs are a special transportation tool for people with mobility impairments. In order to meet their diversified needs for daily travel and life, the design and production of wheelchairs are increasingly pursuing lightweight, humane, and intelligent. People who use wheelchairs frequently use wheelchairs in daily use. It is necessary to ensure that the wheelchair components are firm and durable. Of course, the wheelchair should also be easy to operate during daily handling and stacking, so lightweighting needs to be considered in the design of the wheelchair; carbon fiber Wheelchair components can be a good synthesis of the above points of attention.

  Traditional wheelchairs are made of steel. In order to pursue lightweight, aluminum alloy is gradually replaced. Now, carbon fiber composite materials begin to occupy the c position by virtue of their lightweight performance advantages. At present, most of the manual wheelchairs on the market are driven by human power. The lighter the weight of the wheelchair, the easier it is to operate, which can reduce the burden on their shoulders and wrists. Carbon fiber wheelchair components are used in electric wheelchairs, which can reduce the weight by about 30% and increase the battery life. Wheelchair accessories include large and small wheels, handwheels, seat seats, brakes, backrests, cushions, foot rests and leg rests, armrests and arm rests, and carbon fiber skirts, backrests, foot rests and leg rests, Parts such as armrests and arm rests can effectively reduce the overall mass of the wheelchair and facilitate operation.

In addition to lightweight, wheelchair components also need to be considered for long-term use. Wheelchair components are used frequently and must be strong and durable. The strength of carbon fiber composite material is about 7-10 times higher than that of metal materials, which can guarantee the strength of daily use, and its anti-fatigue performance is good, the creep is almost zero, and the long-term high-frequency use will not cause the aging and wear of the parts and serious deformation. Wait for the situation. In the design of carbon fiber wheelchair components, the laying direction and thickness of the layer can be considered, so as to ensure its good bearing capacity and service life.


  In addition to the above advantages, wheelchair components also have requirements for corrosion resistance. Some wheelchair users will experience incontinence and drug spillage. This requires wheelchair components to withstand the erosion of these pollutants. Carbon fiber composite materials are Non-metallic inert materials, do not chemically react with acid-base salts, and have good corrosion resistance. Contaminants can be stained on the surface and can be wiped lightly without affecting the use. Outdoors, it is inevitable to withstand the test of ultraviolet radiation, rain, or high and low temperature differences. Traditional metal materials are prone to rust and surface oxidation, which not only affects the appearance, but also has a cumulative effect on the overall performance of the wheelchair. The carbon fiber wheelchair components can just make up for these shortcomings.

Among wheelchair users, there may be patients with hemiplegia, stroke, cut-off, and fractures, especially those who have just undergone surgery or are in recovery. In the process of using the wheelchair, in order to avoid secondary injuries, it is necessary to minimize The shock of the wheelchair. The carbon fiber wheelchair has a large damping coefficient and good shock absorption effect, which can reduce the vibration between the frame and the wheel hub, improve the comfort and safety of the patient, and is beneficial to the recovery during the rehabilitation period.


  Carbon fiber composite material has excellent performance and can also realize the production of complex component structures through integrated molding technology. It is an ideal material for making high-end wheelchairs. However, due to the limitation of production cost, the application of carbon fiber composite materials in wheelchairs is not very popular. At present, with the increase of population aging, wheelchairs are no longer limited to hospital patients, and the elderly have a great demand for wheelchairs. I believe that with the deepening of carbon fiber research, the application of carbon fiber wheelchair components can become more and more popular, which is what we most hope to see.

  Therefore, we have designed and developed several carbon fiber electric wheelchairs and scooters.This series of products is our best explanation for lightness. Under the premise that the power is not reduced, the weight is divided by two, and the folded area is also greatly reduced, which means that you can put it on with less force. Smaller space. It is flashy but not extravagant, and its simple and extraordinary appearance is embellished with carbon fiber throughout the body to better demonstrate the driver’s temperament.


                                                   Permanent magnet rare earth motor

In addition, this series of products is also equipped with an extremely powerful permanent magnet rare earth motor as the core, which makes the wheelchair lightweight at one time. Due to the excellent magnetism of the rare earth permanent magnet material, the efficiency is higher and the power can be obtained for a longer time without affecting the power. Battery life. With carbon fiber frame to maximize performance.


Series of carbon fiber power wheelchair

Post time: May-14-2021