2021 Amazon Hot Selling Aluminum Lightweight Foldable Power Control Disabled Electric Wheelchair

User-centered is Jinbaihe’s code of conduct. From the perspective of user considerations, Jinbaihe hopes that the D09 series Electric Wheelchair is an economical and universal transportation tool for the elderly, but while being inclusive, we are very picky about its functionality and details.
Today, I will disclose the details of “D09 Standard, D09 Enhanced, D09 Backrest Folding Electric Wheelchair” for everyone. Every aspect has been carefully considered and full of sincerity. I look forward to the D09 series Electric Wheelchair being able to serve every friend in need and start a new life.

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D09 Electric Wheelchair

D09 Electric Wheelchair: Extra Width


D09 Electric Wheelchair: Adjustable Backrest


Whether it is daily life, access to elevators, uphill, downhill, or long-distance travel, Jinbaihe D09 electric wheelchair can provide help in various situations.

1. Combined with the unique folding function, it is convenient to transport and carry

2. Widening and adjustable armrests

3. The controller is easy to disassemble and install

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Post time: Jul-13-2021